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New Found Love

digitalshift 002

The first commandment says “thou shall not worship no other god”, it seems this part of the bible has long been forgotten by everyone most especially student. When we wake in the morning, the first thing that comes to your mind is to check your phone if there will be something that comes in will you were asleep which is the only free time the phone has to rest.
It was first called GSM (Global system for mobile) and only the rich ones could afford it at its first arrival. The price decline has the market gets competitive such that an average man can afford two phones.
It’s very hard to conclude whether the introduction of handset is an advantage or disadvantage. Because it seems to be more of a companion than handset. As the earth revolve, so is also technology and likewise the improvement of handset. The phone company seems to understand the mind of students and supplied the phones with anything they could ever imagine.
Even as a student, I find it difficult to do without my phone for only 5minutes, it’s as if a part of me is somewhere waiting for someone to rescue it.

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Digital Shift in Universities

digitalshift 006As we live day to day, we think on how to get things done without any stress or delay. We want to get the best of whatever we do, we want things to be just as they in live in our imaginations. All these can only be done by a robot since man is not perfect and prone to make mistakes.
Everybody wants to go international right inside their rooms; they want their skills and product known worldwide. We all want to know the changes going on around us, the latest update on our areas of interest.
I record this as one of man’s greatest achievement, the INTERNET. It’s the perfect solution to man’s dream, it was like the start of a new era, a metamorphosis, the best discovery of all times.

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