Digital Shift in Universities

04 Dec

digitalshift 006As we live day to day, we think on how to get things done without any stress or delay. We want to get the best of whatever we do, we want things to be just as they in live in our imaginations. All these can only be done by a robot since man is not perfect and prone to make mistakes.
Everybody wants to go international right inside their rooms; they want their skills and product known worldwide. We all want to know the changes going on around us, the latest update on our areas of interest.
I record this as one of man’s greatest achievement, the INTERNET. It’s the perfect solution to man’s dream, it was like the start of a new era, a metamorphosis, the best discovery of all times.

Internet is a network of networks that consists of millions of private, public, academic, business, and government networks, of local to global scope, that are linked by a broad of array of electronic, wireless and optical networking technologies.
Now, we get everything done just as we imagine, the whole world backs on the internet for every little thing because it seems to be the language we all speak. Education system, the entertainment world, business and finances, history, sport, etc.

The old and the young find it so useful and not a soul is left behind. Schools have been running on the most difficult task in trying to maintain and monitor the affairs of their students manually until the sudden arrival of a savior that brought the perfect monitoring system which they have no other choice but to embrace it.
Some years back, we live in fear of writing letters and sending it through the postal agency because it stands the chance of getting there late or won’t even get delivered. Electronic mail (e-mail) is an instant mailing done through the internet and we stand to be sure of proper delivery of our mails. And now I hear see anyone talk about the postal service again.
Back to the days when JAMB sends results through the postal service, there were several cases of people not getting their result or wrong delivery of results and it takes several months before the result get delivered, the story has changed since the introduction of the internet, it’s almost instant.
Tertiary institutions also rely strongly on the internet for the registration of students and also pass information to students through the web page and also update it with vital information of things going on in schools concerning the development going on within the school and most importantly the history of the school and also students get to check their result online.

I wonder if bookshops still make their sales as they used to in time past since there are several e-book that can be downloaded through the internet and student finds this so useful and also get assignments done through the internet which will even give a deeper understanding.
Now nobody is oblivious of this great change in the history of mankind, let’s all get equipped and not remain ignorant since all we ever wanted is at our behest.


Post By: Opeyemi Tokun, a blogger, avid reader and lover of everything technology, currently Studying Civil Engineering in Federal University of Technology, Akure.

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