New Found Love

04 Dec

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The first commandment says “thou shall not worship no other god”, it seems this part of the bible has long been forgotten by everyone most especially student. When we wake in the morning, the first thing that comes to your mind is to check your phone if there will be something that comes in will you were asleep which is the only free time the phone has to rest.
It was first called GSM (Global system for mobile) and only the rich ones could afford it at its first arrival. The price decline has the market gets competitive such that an average man can afford two phones.
It’s very hard to conclude whether the introduction of handset is an advantage or disadvantage. Because it seems to be more of a companion than handset. As the earth revolve, so is also technology and likewise the improvement of handset. The phone company seems to understand the mind of students and supplied the phones with anything they could ever imagine.
Even as a student, I find it difficult to do without my phone for only 5minutes, it’s as if a part of me is somewhere waiting for someone to rescue it.

The introduction of mp3 player into the handset is one of the greatest idea in the improvement of handset and also phones with camera. Student wants to listen to music while reading or walking or doing something that does not require much mental attention. We also want to take pictures every time and also keep memories of things or places we visited.
Here is what stunned my mind when I first heard about phones the can be used to surf the web. No one ever thought it could be possible to be able to browse on phones. I never knew this will be the start of our addiction. The internet keeps on equipped with the changes going around us and an average student wants to be updated in whatever is his/her area of interest, be it football, music, sports, education, business, etc., now you see students always glued to their phones every passing hours and complain about poor performance of the battery, is the battery meant to be blamed?
Most phones produced now can run any application you want to think of. We have chatting applications, games, you can even read novel and text books on your mobile phones. Mobile phones are friends in disguise we communicate with them and they respond to our command and sometimes I see it as a mobile library. I hardly get bored when I get to places I’m not used to since I have my friend waiting for me right in my pocket.
Despite all these, we are still not satisfied then the phone companies held a meeting and discovered a way to take us away from what we really don’t like ‘books’ and do what we love doing ‘pressing phones’ by introducing smart phones where you can stay connected for 365 days provided you can afford it though.
Blackberry messenger, where your fellow student could see your pictures and read whatever it’s on your mind and even see the music you are listening to, send you instant message and also share files. Well, why will I have to travel to talk with my friend while we can do that on BBM?
We also have social networks like twitter, Facebook, Skype, etc., we meet people and reconnect with old friends, I have heard of students that date online through these social networks and all these is done on our mobile phones. Now tell me how students should not be addicted when all they ever wanted is embedded into a small lifeless case?
The mobile phone has served as an escape for students since you can easy access Google or Wikipedia without even going to the café and u can be sure of anything, nobody can tell you what does not exist since the phone can serve as the judge.
There are stories about the addiction of students to mobile phones, heard about a girl pinging while walking and was knocked down by a car. Also heard about students using phones during examination, well we all know the penalty for examination malpractice.
Health hazard is also a point of consideration when talking about phones addiction. We have problem of the ear-drum from prolong usage of earphones, constant exposure of eyes to light, etc.
The rate of phone theft is proportional to mobile phone sophistication. Many young people have lost their worth because of trying to belong to the class of those with hi tech phones.
At the end of it all, the mobile phone inventors would rather be lauded or vilified.


Post By: Opeyemi Tokun, a blogger, avid reader and lover of everything technology, currently Studying Civil Engineering in Federal University of Technology, Akure.

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  1. Olaniyi Babatunde

    January 6, 2013 at 3:23 pm

    This is interesting.


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