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21 Tips for your new ipad



Welcome back to another working week, hope you all had a splendid weekend? And I’m sure some of you can’t wait for the Easter break to be here? Well, over time I’ve noticed most people don’t really know how to make good use of the functions on their ipads especially the JJCs if you know what I mean? Only thing they know is that they got an ipad. But anyway I just decided that today I’m going to give some tips on handling your ipad, whether it’s an old one or a new one.

NOTE:Please always endeavor to read the manual of any electronic gadget you get. It’s very important we do, it goes to say a lot that we might not know even though sometimes we pretend to know. Even I use to be guilty of such…but now a changed man…LOL!
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I’m sure you might have asked yourself or rather you’re still asking which android smartphone is the best?   As the army of Android smartphones continue to conquer and expand their in their ranks, I will gladly take you through the top 10 best Android smart phones worth of your money, ranging from the power, which is best for android apps or a great touch screen. So sit back, relax and check them all out.

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The Internet And The Future Of The Society!

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Sophisticated Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories unveiled (A bit of exaggeration I guess)





After the launch of Samsung galaxy S4, samsung thought it wasn’t yet time to relax and so decided to come with some nice and cool accessories. Guess right now some smartphone makers are so envious of Samsung right now but are working themselves out to make smartphones much better than that of Samsung, only time will tell.

Now to the accessories Samsung galaxy S4 has got.

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Acer Hits the Nigerian Market with Three of its newest products

I ain’t no big fan of Acer products but decided to let you guys know about their three newest products that they have decided to flood into the Nigerian market. Sounds to me like they looking for some desperate cash to make from us. Though they claim it is as a means to strengthen relationship with her channel partners in Nigeria with a view to increase her market share in the country’s growing IT market. STORY! Anyway Mr Amin Mortazavi, Acer Vice President, Middle East and Africa had this to say
“ Nigeria’s IT market is growing at a significant pace and empowering our channel partners in the country and facilitating their growth is instrumental for Acer’s continued success. Acer commits to a significant increase in the level of support we provide to our partners to facilitate a dynamic business model that encourages them to be pro-active. Working together, we can capture an even more significant share of this growing, hugely exciting, IT market”
Well Acer introduced three of newest products into the Nigerian market. Two of the new products are tablets: Iconia W 700P and Iconia W510P, and the last is an Ultrabook, the Aspire S7 series. Be prepared to part away with a huge chunk of your money ….hehehe

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Amazing! Angry Birds cartoon on Tv



The popular angry birds mobile game app. Just got a got angrier and decided it’s high time they hit the TV. And so we got the angry birds cartoon series now on TV. The game developer behind the popular mobile game decided not to rest on the mobile game and so launched the angry birds cartoon.


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The Expected Apple iWatch


The swift revolution taking place in the world technology is totally becoming something words can’t describe. A massive change, I must say with great innovations and expectations in the world of technology. Now, rumors are every where about the coming of the Apple iwatch. WOW!
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