The Ten Most Expensive Smartphones in the World

10 Mar

Most of the time, we get our shiny new smartphone free, when agreeing to a specific tariff or contract. However, handsets can be expensive, especially when they are a limited edition design. Below is a list of most expensive smartphones in the world today.


10th Place: Ulysee Nardin ‘Chairman’ Luxury Hybrid Smart Phone
The Chairman was the world’s first luxury hybrid smart phone, produced by SCI Innovations – a pioneer in phone technology – and Ulysse Nardin – the industry leader in mechanical timepieces.
Price: $49,000


9th Place: iPhone Princess Plus
Designed by Peter Aloisson, this limited edition iPhone gets its name from the cut of diamond which is used as casing. 138 individual diamonds are used, making the phone 17.75 carats (of diamond), along with 18 carats worth of white gold.
Price: $176,400

sonyeric_427_2006_03_10.jpg.scaled5008th Place: Sony Ericsson Black Diamond
Designed by Jaren Goh, this sleek and stylish smart phone is made from titan and polycarbonate, with a cutting edge mirror and diamond casing.
Price: $300,000

cobra.jpg.scaled5007th Place: Vertu Signature Cobra
Produced by French Jewellers, Boucheron, only 8 of these phones exists. It features 21 carats of diamonds and rubies, along with 2 emeralds. However, it was also voted the ‘ugliest’ phone in the world by a US company engadget.
Price: $310,000 

gresso.jpg.scaled5006th Place: Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot
This smart phone is a combination of black diamonds, solid gold (18 carats) and 200 year old Blackwood panel.
Price: $1,000,000

crypto.jpg.scaled5005th Place: Diamond Crypto Smartphone
Another design my Peter Aloisson, this smartphone is described as a ‘unique object de art’, and features a cover adorned with 40 diamonds and 10 rare blue diamonds. The phone also uses advanced security systems to secure the users identity.
Price: $1,300,000

goldvish.jpg.scaled5004th Place: GoldVish ‘Le Million’ Piece Unique
Designed by Emmanuel Gueit of Sweden, this smart phone is handcrafted from 18-carat white gold and 120-carat diamonds. There are only 100 handsets available worldwide.
Price: $1,300,000

king_button.jpg.scaled5003rd Place:Kings Button iPhone
The third design by Peter Aloisson, the Kings Button is a 3G iPhone with a rare 6.6 carat white diamond as the ‘home’ button. It is also adorned with 38 additional diamonds.
Price: $2,400,000

goldstriker.jpeg.scaled5002nd Place: The Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme
Designed in Liverpool for an Australian Businessman, this iPhone contains 136 diamonds and is plated in 22-carat gold. The Goldstriker outdoes the ‘King Button’ model with the addition of a 7.1-carat diamond as the ‘home’ button.
Price: $3,200,000

Diamond-Queen-edition-11st Place: iPhone 4 Diamond Queen Rose Edition
Designed by Stuart Hughes, this iPhone is encrusted with 7.8 carats of flawless diamonds, and a solid platinum apple logo. The phone also comes with a hand finished case made of Ostrich foot. There are only 50 of these models available in the world.
Price: $8,000,000

Source: Search Office Space’s Official Tumblr Blog

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