Meet The Master Samsung Galaxy S4 (Thunder and lightning sound effects)

16 Mar


I was too busy at work yesterday to watch the live launching of the “Almighty” Samsung Galaxy S4. Later on, I read the reports and reviews about the S4, and I must say, while reading the amazing and mind blowing features of the Smartphone I couldn’t contain myself; I was lost in a world of excitement and shock! It almost like the features of the phone wanted to drive me nuts (and I was only reading it, imagine me now touching it)

Kudos to Samsung for such an innovation, your head is there. As for the rest- iPhone, Nokia and Blackberry, how market? Ehen! Can’t hear you guys well…..abeg go and park well and learn from Samsung.

Enough with  my stories. It’s  time to show the Master of Phones right now, the Samsung S4. I  can assure you that every piece and bit of the S4 is breathtaking.



Though still having the shape of an S3, the S4 is a roomy 5-inch screen with a slim bezel at each side. The screen plays videos in an unbelievable high-definition detail, at 1080p resolution — like your TV — with 441 pixels per inch. It’s ideal for watching movies and TV shows.

The S4 is slimmer and lighter than the previous S3, measuring 7.9mm. The back of the phone is a textured plastic casing that comes in black or white, just like its ancestors. It’s slightly flatter than the curved back of the S3, but with its rounded edges and single home button makes it look like an S3. The S3 drew flak for its pop-off plastic back, which is light and durable but just doesn’t have the exact feel of glass or aluminum. We expect the plastic back of the S4 will divide opinions. Some Samsung fans will be upset that the designs of the S4 is in a way similar to that of the S3.



Beneath the screen of the S4 is Samsung’s own eight-core 1.6GHz Exynos 5 Octa processor with 2GB of RAM….In a lame man’s language it means the phone is powerful. Nevertheless, this is the first phone we’ve seen with eight cores on its chip, so the S4’s gaming and multi-tasking performance should be off the charts.

You get a massive 64GB of storage for your music and movies, apps and snaps. You can also add a micro SD card for up to 64GB an extra-large room for anything.

Power is supplied by a muscular (and replaceable) 2,600mAh battery, bumped up from the S3’s 2,100mAh battery. The battery charges the old-fashioned way by plugging into a charger, or by wireless charging. You can juice the S4 by dropping it onto a wireless charging pad, saving you from having to locate a cable. You still need to plug the wireless charging dock into the wall though.

Samsung seems determined to have put everything into the S4. This Smartphone has an infrared blaster that works as a remote control for any TV, and an optical reader to recognize and record the text from business cards. You can join your phone with up to four of your buddies over NFC Group Play to play games together, or share photos, videos and other files. And there’s a pedometer cunning enough to tell if you’re walking up or downstairs while it counts your steps. Samsung of life! Respect!



The S4 camera comes with some amazing features. The main camera is a 13-megapixel job that films 1080p video. The controls are borrowed from the Samsung Galaxy Camera, showing you onscreen dials in the shape of a camera lens to adjust your snapping options. There are various options for adding a little something extra to your photo: add 9 seconds of audio to a still photo for a bit of atmosphere, or create an animated gif in which only one thing moves and the background stays fixed. Drama shot combines a burst of pictures into one short moving shot, somewhere between a photo and a video.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Unwanted visitors can be erased from the shot right there on the phone. It comes in pretty handy for purging photobombers, passers-by and so on. That’s definitely going to be one of the most used features, if you know what I mean….lol

There’s a low-resolution 2-megapixel camera in the front as well as the one at the back, used primarily for video chats. But it also works in tandem with the main camera for a dual-shot mode that takes a photo from each camera and overlays them. Just press the icon showing two cameras on top of each other and you’ll get a shot with a smaller photo inset, perhaps if you want to show your reaction to whatever you’ve snapped… or something.


New Amazing Features

The S4 runs Android 4.2.2 software, the latest version of. To customize your S4 just download apps and games from the Google Play app store, where you can also download movies and music.

There’s also a range of added bonus features from Samsung. For example, S Translator deciphers foreign tongues in email — but the cleverest new features, and the ones that stand out the most from the S3 and other phones, allow you to control the S4 without even touching the screen. Your hand doesn’t even have to be that close to the phone for it to recognize your gesture. Magic!

Wave your hand over the phone to Air Browse: move backwards or forwards, change to the next photo in your gallery, skip to another song, or switch tabs in the browser. Or Air Jump, scrolling up and down with an airy wave.


This is pure madness and ingenuity! Air browse? Bow for master Samsung! This is just too awesome. Don’t even need to touch your phone. And it doesn’t stop there, you can answer the phone hands-free with Air Call, useful when you’re driving and the phone is in a cradle on the dashboard. Wave your hand and the S4 goes straight to speakerphone so you can have a chat without taking your eyes of the road.

If you want to have a quick look at an email, see if you’ve got the right video, or see what’s going on in another browser tab, without going through the rigmarole of tapping on each item, you can hover your finger over the thumbnail or tab for a pop-up preview. Also in the browser and in the photo and video gallery, hovering your finger magnifies the part of the webpage or photo you’re looking at.

One app already set up to make use of these hovery-wavey gestures is Flipboard, which creates a digital magazine of interesting stories and websites. Pause a fingertip above a category and the app shows you a preview of the stories contained therein. Isn’t just amazing having all these features in a phone? Samsung!!!

Eye control

And it’s not just your hands that control the phone without touching. The S4 tracks your eyes too: it knows when your attention has wandered from a movie or video, pausing the action when your eyes drift away from the screen. And you can scroll up and down with your eyes. Cool, right?


Following on from the Galaxy S3 LTE, the 4G version of the S3, the S4 has 4G built in as standard. 


The Samsung S4 is an absolute beast of a phone. It takes everything you could ask for in a smart phone and punches it up to the limits of modern phone technology, with a large widescreen, powerful processor and top-flight camera. This is Smartphone to get and be proud of.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is expected to hit shops in April or May. Accessories include the S View Cover, a protective case with a cute little slot to see the time, battery status, what music is playing, and caller ID if someone rings you. There’s also a selection of fitness gizmos that talk to the built-in S Health app, including an S Band pedometer bracelet and a heart rate monitor. That’s Samsung S4 for you all. The Master of Smartphones right now. Respect!

Click on link to see more about Samsung Galaxy S4 “The Master”

Watch out Next week for Royal Rumble: Samsung S4 vs. iphone5 vs. Blackberry Z10. It promises to be exciting! Till then…

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