Acer Hits the Nigerian Market with Three of its newest products

21 Mar

I ain’t no big fan of Acer products but decided to let you guys know about their three newest products that they have decided to flood into the Nigerian market. Sounds to me like they looking for some desperate cash to make from us. Though they claim it is as a means to strengthen relationship with her channel partners in Nigeria with a view to increase her market share in the country’s growing IT market. STORY! Anyway Mr Amin Mortazavi, Acer Vice President, Middle East and Africa had this to say
“ Nigeria’s IT market is growing at a significant pace and empowering our channel partners in the country and facilitating their growth is instrumental for Acer’s continued success. Acer commits to a significant increase in the level of support we provide to our partners to facilitate a dynamic business model that encourages them to be pro-active. Working together, we can capture an even more significant share of this growing, hugely exciting, IT market”
Well Acer introduced three of newest products into the Nigerian market. Two of the new products are tablets: Iconia W 700P and Iconia W510P, and the last is an Ultrabook, the Aspire S7 series. Be prepared to part away with a huge chunk of your money ….hehehe

Iconia W700P



Looks cool right? The Acer Iconia W700P tablet is powerful and ultra-responsive. It features a cradle that stands in portrait or landscape view to provide various usage modes, as well as a Bluetooth keyboard to keep users productive anytime anywhere and anyhow.


With a third generation  Intel Core T processor to make the tablet run faster, smarter and more efficient performance,  while the 11.6” full HD IPS display features 10 point touch and provides consistent and accurate color  combining it with a wide viewing angle, up to 178º , for better sharing information and group viewing too.


Iconia W510P


The Iconia W510P can be easily mistaken for Iconia W700P, look so much alike and that could be annoying and confusing too. Acer! Take note. Though the Iconia W510P can still be differentiated through it specs. The Iconia W510P, designed for busy professionals looking for highly mobile device to carry and travel with. Taking a pause here, now that was Acer’s view for the tablet, the Nigerian view for the Tablet is to pose and show off with it, Simple truth. So where was I? Yeah …..


The tablet also offers more than performance, and long battery life; it provides the flexibility to adapt to various usage scenarios and the reliably offered by compliance with enterprise level security standards. Interesting! Be it a video conference, taking notes during a meeting or simply giving the final touches to an important document, the Iconia W510P, thanks to its hybrid design, is an excellent device to improve working on the go.

Aspire S7

440x330-acer-aspire-s7-1 (1)

This isn’t no chin!! Ultra book, well according to Mortazavi again, the driving force behind the innovation is to meet the sophisticated needs of Acer’s customers’ and support their lifestyles, particularly their businesses. In simple English they meant it’s for rich and those who want to go techy with their businesses, in short pose around.


The Acer Aspire S7 Series, the thinnest and lightest of the Ultrabooks, has been hailed as one of the most exciting Windows 8-based touch Ultra book. As thin as a smartphone, the S7 is an iconic combination of power and beauty. The use of  straight lines, glossy white glass, electro-luminescent lighting and anodized aluminum have culminated in an Ultra book that champions cutting edge technology and innovative design


Acer seems to be stepping their game up with these three new products introduced to the Nigerian market, tablet W700P, W510P and Ultra Book Aspire S7. Though that doesn’t change what i said first said about them. But I recommend you try out one of their new products, if not all even….lol. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed but be Warned….you are going to part away with a lot of your money and hey! don’t hold me responsible.

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