Sophisticated Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories unveiled (A bit of exaggeration I guess)

21 Mar





After the launch of Samsung galaxy S4, samsung thought it wasn’t yet time to relax and so decided to come with some nice and cool accessories. Guess right now some smartphone makers are so envious of Samsung right now but are working themselves out to make smartphones much better than that of Samsung, only time will tell.

Now to the accessories Samsung galaxy S4 has got.



It seems Samsung is now concerned about the health of its users and finds it important that they all stay fit, well guess not all. With fitness tech a big market, it’s obvious why Samsung’s keen to move into this area. Holding it all together is the S-Health 2.0 app, which is designed to monitor and report on your body, talking to all the available kit. Must confess this is kind of freaking me out. Samsung!


S Band fits onto your wrist and is designed to be worn at all times, monitoring your daily activities. Hmmm! Sound more like Samsung is watching you and reporting back to the FBI, CIA and many other unknown agencies….lool. IT will also record the number of steps you’ve taken, calories burned and distance travelled, also you can find out how active you are and even adjust your daily routine if you don’t think you’re doing enough exercise. Wow! Men this is a MUST TO GET SMARTPHONE.


It’s also active when you are asleep, and tells you how much of sleep you got. The S Band is available in four different colors (pink, blue, brown and black) and is also water proof to 10m.



The HRM is a hear rate monitor, for those wont don’t know. It works with the running mate app. It checks your heart rate in real time, so you can see at a glance if your exercise routine is giving you a proper workout and it’s not like you’re wasting your time.




The HRM is a black band that straps across your chest. It connects to the Samsung galaxy S4 via Bluetooth. Amazing!



With the flooding of hi-tech scales, such as the withings body scale, it doesn’t surprise me that Samsung took the same step too with its body Scale. Copy cats but smart move takers.


This supports up to seven users via the S-Health 2.0 app, keeping track of your weight over time. While Withings’ scale uploads your data via Wi-Fi to the cloud, Samsung’s requires a Bluetooth connection to the phone to store weight data. To our mind that makes it quite a bit less flexible. Hmmm! Samsung of life.


It’s not all about health and Samsung has a range of accessories to help you make the most of battery life and make the phone easier to charge. Here’s what’s been announced.


One of the surprising things about the announcement was that wireless charging wasn’t built into the phone. However, that will be fixed when the Wireless Charging Pad / Cover is released. This kit comes in two parts.




The charging pad is, as you’d expect, a flat block that you lay our phone on. To get wireless charging, you have to replace the back of the phone with the new cover. We don’t have a UK price or launch date.


Convenient charging is no use if you’re nowhere near a power socket. For those situations, Samsung has the Extra Battery Kit. This ships with a spare battery housed in a carry case that doubles as a battery charger.

No power socket, no problem: carry a spare battery with you

As the Galaxy S4 has a removable back and battery, it means you can carry around a charged battery with you and swap when you need it.


Smartphones are expensive bits of kit, so protecting them from knocks and scratches is important to improve their longevity. As recognition of the phone’s likely success, a range of third-party and official cases have been launched.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Cover was a great way to protect your phone’s screen, without ruining the look of the phone. For the Samsung Galaxy S4, the company has gone one further with the S View Cover.


Peek-a-book: keep an eye on updates without opening your cover

This clips onto the side of the phone, opening like a book when you need to access the screen. However, it also has a window in it, so you can see notifications on the phone without having to expose the screen.
The standard Flip Cover will also be available for the Galaxy S4, in addition to a pouch and the Protective Cover+, which wraps the phone in a rubber bumper to give it more protection.


Griffin Technology has announced its range of Samsung Galaxy S4 cases. Top-of-the-line for protection is the Survivor Military-Duty Case. Designed to meet the US Department of Defense Standard 810G, the case has a shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame and shock-absorbing silicone. It’s designed to protect against dirt, sand, rain, shock, vibration and other environmental threat. It will be available in black, pink and blue.

Survivor Skin is a silicone case designed to absorb impact and protection. It’s slimmer than the Survivor Military-Duty, and is available in black, pink, and blue.

The Reveal case is a hard shell with rubber edges to cushion and grip. It’s just 1.6mm thin, so you can still see the design of the phone .It will be available in black, purple




Griffin has a range of cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4, offering a range of different protection options


Tech21 is bringing its Impactology cases to the Samsung Galaxy S3. These use D30 material embedded in the case to send shocks and impacts away from the phone to protect it and its screen. You can see how the material works in the video below.

From 26th April, there’ll be the Impact Snap and Impact Snap with Cover, available in white or black. Both cases let you clip the phone into the case, providing all-round protection, while the Cover version adds a fold-over front to protect the screen.


Impactology sends impacts away from the phone, keeping it protected


While most of the other accessories serve a practical or useful purpose, Samsung also announced some new fun accessories.


Mobile gaming’s big, so Samsung has announced the Game Pad, which turns your phone into a portable games console. The phone holder slides out the top of the Xbox-alike controller, letting you slide your phone into it in landscape mode.


Who needs a touchscreen, when you can have a full-on game controller?

The Game Pad connects via Bluetooth, so it will be compatible with any handset. Samsung states that the holder will take phones with screen sizes between 4in and 6.3in.


Most people have never been impressed by manufacturer’s own-brand earphones, but Samsung’s hoping to prove us wrong with its Headset. These in-ear set contains two speakers in each headphone (woofer and tweeter), plus an inline remote with volume controls and a control button to answer and hang-up calls.


It’s the inevitable own-brand headset. We’ll save judgement until we’ve had chance to have a listen to a pair. Have to say Samsung galaxy S4 is the smart phone to get …….Awesome! i must say with its accessories. Thumbs up Samsung.




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