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The Birth of Nokia Lumia 520 and 720

Nokia MWC 2013 - 8 - Lumia 520 720 china mobile (1)

Finally, after much of  the screaming , hard and  tensed pushing  in the Nokia labor room,  mother Nokia Lumia gave birth to Nokia Lumia 520 and 720. Though the doctors failed to tell whether it was a male and female, well guess that’s left for us to find out….lol. And their arrival just expanded the Nokia Lumia family further. Let’s first start with the first born Nokia Lumia 520 though i’m sure 720 will object to that and claim to be the first born.



Nokia Lumia 520 posing in different styles, got some class. The Nokia Lumia 520 is the baby of Nokia’s Lumia family, replacing the Lumia 510, i’m  sure Lumia 510 will be plotting it’s down fall…lol.


One of the thumbs up of the Nokia Lumia 520 is the design. That’s a hallmark of Nokia’s Windows Phones: the appearance is interesting to look at, nice to hold and isn’t afraid to use any kind of  colour. Hence it Lumia 520 was born yellow and we have to say it’s a refreshing change from the sea of black, white or silver phones you find elsewhere, which is really becoming tiring .

Naturally the Lumia 520 isn’t that sophisticated in design as the other models higher up the range. No beautiful or spectacular edge design, but even at this budget end of the Lumia line, it looks nice to hold and of good build quality.


The soft curves of the back of the handset means it snuggles down securely into your hand. It measures 119.9 x 64 x 9.9mm and weighs 124g. Although not the slimmest phone around, there’s something cute about its dinky dimensions .

Hardware and Display

It comes with a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, clocked at 1GHz, along with 512MB of RAM powering it. It isn’t the most powerful Windows Phone 8 device out there, but affordable and fits into a reasonable budget, it performs well enough. The Lumia 520 impresses with 8GB, as well as the option to expand by microSD, with cards up to 64GB supported. This is in addition to the 7GB of cloud storage you get from SkyDrive.

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The End of 3D TV?

I’m a big fan of  the 3D TV, a brilliant innovation i must say and when watching the 3D TV with your 3D glasses it’s like it brings everything you’re seeing to life which is so breathtaking. Recently I and my Friend and his chic went window shopping at a mall and got to have an experince of the  84 inches LG 3D TV and i must say the experience was awesome, there was a time my friend’s chic had to like lean back a like while watching the 3D TV because it was like everything shown was too real, had to laugh at her that moment.


N0w there’s a gradual fading away of  the 3D TV as other great TV innovations are beginning to flood into the market.  Now the emphasis has shifted to high-resolution 4K displays, OLED, image quality, and “smart” functionality. In fact, Sony, Samsung, LG, Toshiba, and Panasonic have now decided to focus on actually improving their television technology. After three years of pushing and peddling 3D TVs that are virtually devoid of any actual technological innovation, this is rather refreshing.



3D TV has always come across as a fad fabricated by TV makers and movie makers to sell more TVs and Blu-ray discs. With box office takings and DVD sales flagging, and LCD HDTVs losing it hold in the market, TV makers and movie makers (understandably) decided that something had to change. And 3D was the perfect answer: It’s incredibly low-tech, but also a very strong difference. It took almost no effort on behalf of TV makers and production companies to make the jump to 3D, and yet consumers were forced to buy expensive, brand new TVs to enjoy the new content — or, if you couldn’t afford a 3D TV, you finally had a reason to go to the cinema which now run must of it’s movies on 3D.

With Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and LG all trying to ditch 3D for the new Hot TV innovations, i t would seem that the 3D fad is finally over. This isn’t to say that 3D TV won’t continue to rise and fall  for a little longer  – but it’s certainly lost its place as the the next big thing. following the footsteps of it’s predecessor, HDTV,  who took the world by storm, 3D simply failed to gain that much attention. It will now be replaced by 4K, 8K, OLED, and other technologies that actually push the envelope of content creation and consumption.
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The Avengers of Android Smartphones


                                                                         THE  AVENGERS OF THE ANDROID SMARTPHONE

Now this no movie so don’t expect any soundtrack or explosive scene entry…lool! Just trying to make my title look all action. Anyway for those who might not understand, I’m going to be listing the current super powers of  the android smartphone, the top class. So watch out………. The Android smartphone industry is showing no signs of slowing down but instead are moving at a very fast pace causing a great concern for other smartphone manufacturers. Everyone has their own opinions, especially when it comes to use of  Android smartphones: manufacturers that use the platform offer smartphones with seemingly infinite screen sizes and other innovative factors. Still, there are a few phones that remain super noteworthy, and three of them are brand new devices. Here are our Avengers of  Android smartphones on the market right now and are in no particular order, but with taking various sizes, prices and unique features into account.

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The BBM Channels


Now i’m sure some people will be like wow! what’s blackberry up to with this new one and what TV stations are going to be available…lool!. well, It’s far different from that which you may be thinking of.

During BlackBerry Live 2013 which was held in the US last week , BlackBerry announced a new service within BBM named BBM Channels. Building on to the already feature-packed BBM, BBM Channels gives users a new way to communicate and stay in touch with people, communities and brands through BBM, isn’t that just lovely.


BBM Channels allows users to create channels for themselves, a brand, business or community and extend their social networking through BBM. You have the ability to create and share posts that can be shared with all of your channel subscribers, in a way it’s kind of similar to you tube.

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Blackberry Q5


Hey! what’s happening people? how’s your day going? I’m sorry have been away for  a while just had some pressing issues to attend to and thank God that they’ve have been resolved. Today it’s all about the Blackberry Q5, which was unveiled last week in the just concluded Blackberry Live 2013. It was about time too as the Canadian firm launches its first affordable BlackBerry 10 device. Because I’m sure not everyone can afford the either the Z10 or Q10 and they will probably wanting to have a feel or experience of the Blackberry 10 operating system.


There’s no confirmation yet on which countries will be treated to the Q5, but BlackBerry is presenting it as an entry-level to mid-tier device aimed at emerging markets, which of course is their real target. What we do know is that it will be available in selected markets in  Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America, with expected availability beginning in July. so be expecting the cheapest Blackberry 10 to be hitting the market soon.
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Beware of The Android Monsters

Got scratching my head about what title i should give this particular post, well after watching the “man with the Iron fist” movie let’s just say i settled with a kind of action movie title…lool!

Now I’m sure most of you will be like what android monsters should we beware of ? whose the monster and where is it?  The monsters are some of the applications you download on your android phones which damages it or expose some vital information about the user. For every second that passes by there is someone, somewhere in the world downloading an application on his or her android phone. Most of us don’t  research on an application before downloading it, all we do  just look at the name, what it does and start downloading without looking for peoples reviews on it. Which is bad.


Security companies regularly warn about the perils of malicious mobile apps roaming around in app stores pretending to be legitimate apps. SecurityWatch is partnering with a handful of security companies who monitor apps on Google Play and third-party marketplaces to identify malicious apps you should not have on your Android device.

While most of them aren’t as dangerous as their malicious counterparts in the PC or Mac world, many of these apps can trick users into sending SMS messages to premium numbers or receiving content from services that charge exorbitant rates. They can also be a little aggressive about the kind of personal data harvested from the device.

If you’ve downloaded these apps recently, check out what they are capable of and considering removing them from your device altogether.
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The Rise of Mars Colonists

Welcome to another wonderful working week. Hope you all rested during the weekend? Not sure everyone did but i’m sure everyone is doing all fine?

This morning on getting to my place of work, I decided to check up online some news, see what’s happening around the world and probably outside the world, and “Kaboom” I stumbled on suddenly on article about the “Mars One”  a not-for-profit organization whose goal is to establish a human settlement on Mars through the integration of existing, readily available technologies from industry leaders world-wide. Mars One intends to fund this decade-long endeavor by involving the whole world as the audience of an interactive, televised broadcast of every aspect of this mission, from the astronaut selections and their preparations to the arrival on Mars and their lives on the Red Planet….Now that’s just a little about Mars One.


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