TV Evolution

08 May


  Looking back to the days when we have to use our hands to adjust antenna before we get a clear T.V station or when we have to stand up every time to change stations and also when we plan our time so not to miss our favorite programs on T.V. Fortunately, several improvement has taken place and saved us from these mess.

 While I was growing up as a child, the sound that comes when turning the knob on T.V set is so much fun to me that even when the T.V set is not in use I decide to play with it just to hear the sound it makes. It’s kind of stressful standing up to change channels until the introduction of remote control. Several changes have taken place to develop television’s technology, from cathode-ray tube to plasma to LCD. T.V set has also come in different forms in terms of size and picture quality.


Gone are the days when we gather as children, all waiting, wishing we could fast forward the time to 4 pm just for T.V stations to resume so we can watch tales by moon light and once the television turns to rainbow, we know the next is national anthem then our innocent heart swell with joy-at last our favorite show is here and when its 12 am the station closes. Now, the competition between T.V channels is so much that none can afford to close just for one hour.

Several soaps has been shown on T.V station that has really won people’s interest and they make sure they get home before it starts but which most times they don’t get to watch. Now, we don’t have to rush home anymore since there are devices that can get them recorded, you can rewind or fast forward or even pause and delete which you don’t get to do while watching through d channel.

Antenna has been a great source of help when we need to get stations and it has also experience so much transformation from the age of hand turning technology to remote turning technology to the most reliable one and enjoyable the cable T.V. With it you can watch several T.V channels and record your favorite programs, even record a program while watching another. Most people have embraced this type of technology and if you don’t have one, I employ you to get one and let us enjoy the benefit all together.

courtesy: Opeyemi Tokun

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