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09 May


Sorry for the short break, tied up by work had too much on my table and still have much work on my table to do. But decided to steal an hour from my working hours just to blog for you guys. Well! today i decided to write about the the recently launched Blackberry Q10. The name “Q10” makes it sound like one kind of special agent smartphone more like it was assigned for only 007 s….lol! But anyway the BlackBerry Q10, which offers a larger and more spacious QWERTY keyboard and a fresh infusion of the the BlackBerry Q10, which offers a larger and more spacious QWERTY keyboard and a fresh infusion of the BlackBerry 10.1 operating system. It builds on the greatness of past BlackBerry messaging machines, yet blends this with modern smartphone software powerful enough to run multiple apps at once without hanging as usual, which i must say is a great improvement.Jeez if there’s any smartphone topping the ranks of hanging you all know who it is. It also surfs Web sites like a champ and has a battery that goes the distance..

A deep and classy all-black, the large pebblelike  Q10 has an appearance that’s all buttoned up and ready for business. Well for those have who have used the the bold and curve family should get along easily with the Q10 then.


The Q10 is cut in the same classic flat shape with softly rounded edges almost like the bold 5.  Above the 3.1-inch screen sits a large round notification light that flashes an angry red to compel you to check your messages. Below the display is the phone’s large keyboard, right where you expect it.

BlackBerry says the Q10’s edges are honed from specially treated aluminum, not plastic, which though black is designed to withstand scratches and scrapes. According to BlackBerry, it also strengthens the chassis and guards against bending and flexing.

On the left side you’ll find a Micro-USB port plus a Micro-HDMI connection to output video to TVs. Running along the right edge is a thin combo volume rocker and Play/Pause key that doubles as a way to activate the Q10’s voice command feature. As usual that doesn’t change.

Above it is a small area which holds the phone’s 8-megapixel camera and LED flash. Below the stripe is the Q10’s battery door, which has a 2,100mAh removable battery, plus slots for microSD and SIM cards.  BlackBerry also claims the Q10’s thin battery cover is made from reinforced glass that’s designed to flex, not crack.

Measuring 4.7 inches tall by 2.6 inches wide, the BlackBerry Q10 is shorter and more compact than many of today’s big-screen, no pocket sized smartphones. At 0.4 inch thick, the Q10 isn’t quite as svelte as competing handsets, such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One

The BlackBerry Q10’s keyboard is the boss of this show. With a full four rows and 35 keys, the device’s QWERTY layout is exceptionally comfortable. There isn’t much spacing between keys, but the buttons themselves are large. In fact BlackBerry claims the keys are much more bigger than those on previous models.


As on the BlackBerry Bold, the surfaces of the Q10’s buttons are sculpted with ridges and concave depressions. The end result is that you can intuitively feel where the center of each key is, and more importantly, know when you stray. Key travel is deep as well, and key presses give a satisfying click.


At 720×720 pixels, the Q10’s screen resolution is paltry, especially when viewed against phones with full HD resolutions (1,920×1,080 pixels).  The Q10’s screen doesn’t get very bright either, though thanks to its OLED technology it has wide viewing angles, high contrast, and deep black levels.

Battery life
In addition to excellent call quality, the BlackBerry Q10 delivered in another area where many smartphones fall short, longevity. In our highly controlled anecdotal battery drain test, the Q10 played back a video for an impressive 14 hours and 4 minutes before finally calling it quits. The device’s behavior during my test period mirrored these results, and I consistently managed to go well over a full business day without recharging it.


One major complain about the Z10 was its no-frills camera app. That said, the phone was the first BlackBerry to pack an imaging system on par with the competition. The 8-megapixel camera you’ll find on the Q10 is no different. It essentially uses the same image maker and software tricks as the Z10. So no much difference. The addition of an HDR mode for pulling out a high degree of detail in low light. You’ll also find BlackBerry’s TimeShift function, a mode that shoots multiple pictures in succession and then allows you to pick the best one. Interestingly, the phone provides an innovative circular wheel for cycling through moments in time.

The Q10’s superb keyboard and message-handling capabilities make it a perfect match. Its long battery life and comfortable keyboard may be what you’ve been holding out for, and the inclusion of BlackBerry 10.1 is extra icing on the cake. For those who love the bold family series, getting your hands on the Q10 is the way forward o..don’t dull…lool and If you you want to get for me too, i don’t mind …loool.

Price of Q10 in Nigeria

Mtn Nigeria Pre-order Price for the blackberry  Q10 is N110,000. Pre-order from MTN Nigeria has already commenced .To order for your bb Q10  from MTN,simply fill out the pre order  form available on mtn Blackberry order page.

To order for the blackberry Q10 as  a zain subscriber,simply Complete the preorder form on  Airtel Nigeria website.Airtel pre order price is N150, 000

You can also pre-order  blackberry Q10 at Jumia for N110, 000 at:


US carriers will sell the BlackBerry Q10 at the suggested price of $249 with the usual two-year contract.

Blackberry Q10 Price in UK: Sim free £579


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