The Rise of Mars Colonists

13 May

Welcome to another wonderful working week. Hope you all rested during the weekend? Not sure everyone did but i’m sure everyone is doing all fine?

This morning on getting to my place of work, I decided to check up online some news, see what’s happening around the world and probably outside the world, and “Kaboom” I stumbled on suddenly on article about the “Mars One”  a not-for-profit organization whose goal is to establish a human settlement on Mars through the integration of existing, readily available technologies from industry leaders world-wide. Mars One intends to fund this decade-long endeavor by involving the whole world as the audience of an interactive, televised broadcast of every aspect of this mission, from the astronaut selections and their preparations to the arrival on Mars and their lives on the Red Planet….Now that’s just a little about Mars One.


Tell you what I’m excited about  this whole Earth to Mars relocation thing, goes to tell that a lot of big changes are taking place in the world of technology which i must say is a good thing but still why on Earth will you want to live on another planet not designed for you billions of miles away from earth? Really! Doesn’t just add up though because it’s not like going somewhere where there’s free oxygen or any form of life. I’m lost, i know we humans love adventures but i see this one as too expensive though.


Supposed Cribs where most of the Mars intended colonists intended to stay. And those too will be there regular clothes so i guess there’s no use for them to take clothes along with them when they are leaving Earth.




Nearly 80,000 people have applied to become Mars colonists in the two weeks since Mars One opened up the application period for its astronaut selection program, the Dutch non-profit said this week.

Mars One said it has received roughly 78,000 applications from citizens of more than 120 countries since April 22, each bidding to join a proposed four-person crew which would embark upon a one-way trip to Mars in 2023.

Applicants have been sending in one-minute audition tapes explaining why Mars One should select them for the mission as part of a “global reality television series” the non-profit plans to produce to help fund its space missions and whittle down the applicant pool.

“With 78,000 applications in two weeks, this is turning out to be the most desired job in history. These numbers put us right on track for our goal of half a million applicants. Mars One is a mission representing all humanity and its true spirit will be justified only if people from the entire world are represented. I’m proud that this is exactly what we see happening,” Bas Lansdorp, co-founder and CEO of Mars One, said in a statement.

The application period will remain open through Aug. 31. Once completed, space industry experts will narrow down the candidate list, but the final selection of the first four colonists to make the proposed trip to Mars will come down to an audience vote following a TV series modeled after televised talent shows like American Idol.

“Applicants we have received come from a very wide range of personalities, professions and ages. This is significant because what we are looking for is not restricted to a particular background. From Round 1 we will take forward the most committed, creative, resilient and motivated applicants,” Mars One chief medical officer Dr. Norbert Kraft said.

The first round in the four-round selection process will reduce the applicant pool to between 50 and 100 candidates, according to Mars One. The entire process will be concluded by 2015, at which time as many as 40 finalists will be asked to join Mars One for seven years of training ahead of a series of Mars missions aimed at establishing a permanent colony on the planet.

Mars One said applicants from the United States numbered 17,324, with China (10,241) and the United Kingdom (3,581) also providing large numbers of would-be Mars colonists. Other countries with significant numbers of applicants included Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Argentina, and India, the space venture said.

Many of the applicants have allowed Mars One to post their audition tapes online. You can check them out here.

Well! not surprised at all definitely people around the world will apply for such an “Over the Moon Journey”. Guess some of them are tired of life on earth and looking for a fresh in Mars…lool…not a bad idea at all for  some them.

Just in case you are interested or want to know more about Mars One click here:





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