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21 May


Hey! what’s happening people? how’s your day going? I’m sorry have been away for  a while just had some pressing issues to attend to and thank God that they’ve have been resolved. Today it’s all about the Blackberry Q5, which was unveiled last week in the just concluded Blackberry Live 2013. It was about time too as the Canadian firm launches its first affordable BlackBerry 10 device. Because I’m sure not everyone can afford the either the Z10 or Q10 and they will probably wanting to have a feel or experience of the Blackberry 10 operating system.


There’s no confirmation yet on which countries will be treated to the Q5, but BlackBerry is presenting it as an entry-level to mid-tier device aimed at emerging markets, which of course is their real target. What we do know is that it will be available in selected markets in  Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America, with expected availability beginning in July. so be expecting the cheapest Blackberry 10 to be hitting the market soon.

It looks like the US is set to miss out on the BlackBerry Q5 because no words were said whether it was going to be available in the US, maybe theirs is a VIP thing…lol. The very first look you can tell the BlackBerry Q5 will be a cheap or low priced device than its high-end Q10 brother, with a swath a bezel adorning the front of the noticeably plastic handset. It’s look alone tells a lot about lack of a high grade finished phone unlike it’s brother Q10 which stands  out solid and firm. But retains the classic BlackBerry QWERTY phone look, with the isolated keys a nod to past BB OS handsets such as the Curve 9320.screen-shot-2013-05-13-at-11-17-23-am1

Q5                                                               Q10

I’m sure even a 5 yrs old could tell which is the better one without breaking a sweat.

As for the specs the Q5 has a lot in common with the Q10, with both devices sporting a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM and a 3.1-inch, 720×720 display,  although the Q5 is furnished with a lower quality LCD offering compared to the Super AMOLED screen on the Q10(Boss!)



While the bezel around the screen may be larger than on its higher-end relation it’s not really a bad idea as it provides more room below the display for the upwards swipe gesture required to exit apps.

On the Q10 there isn’t any space between screen and keyboard which made the motion a little tricky at times when trying to swipe, however on the Q5 we could easily slide our finger around without mistakenly getting to press any keys. Of course this does mean the Q5 is longer and the Q10, and it’s also a little bigger as well but BlackBerry has managed to keep the weight down so it doesn’t feel like you carrying a burden or extra luggage.

The solid plastic rear reminds me of the iPhone 3GS, but there’s no metallic rim round the edge to hold things together and the glossy finish might not provide a great deal of grip causing it to slip off.



Up top there’s a headphone jack and centralized power/lock key which is said is pretty difficult to hit as it wasn’t raised above the chassis meaning you really need to push down hard for the Q5 to make effect the action you want it to do.

Down the right side are the trio of buttons which also feature on the Z10 and Q10 with volume keys sandwiching a third switch which provides a shortcut to voice commands. On the left there’s a microUSB port, but there’s no HDMI out option – something you do get on the other two BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

Instead on the left we have a plastic flap which covers microSD and microSIM ports, allowing you to have more than the 8GB of internal storage inside the BlackBerry Q5. The presence of the slots of the left means you can’t whip the back off the BlackBerry Q5 to access the 2100mAh battery.That shouldn’t be too much of an issue though as the battery in the Q5 should easily last you more than a day if the Q10 is anything to go by – which has the same size battery.

Thanks to the decent processor and amount of RAM BlackBerry has managed to stuff  into the Q5 the BlackBerry 10.1 operating system provides a fluid and lag-free experience. Can easily be able to glide through home screens and apps generally opened up pretty quickly.





Round the back you get a 5MP camera and single LED flash which does produce some decent snaps, plus the front facing 2MP snapper will help with video calling and other photo things.

BlackBerry has managed to take its lightening quick web browsing performance from the Z10 and Q10 and implant into the Q5 making sites clicked or entered to load super fast on a strong 4G connection, now that’s impressive for a smartphone which is aimed at the lower end of the market.

It’s obvious that the big attraction for anyone considering the BlackBerry Q5 is its QWERTY keyboard and once again the Canadian firm shows its dominance in this area.


For anyone who’s grown use to using BlackBerry keyboards the Q5 offers more of the same, but if you’re considering switching from a fully touchscreen device you probably won’t be convinced as much.

 In conclusion the BlackBerry Q5 is one for those  who can’t afford, or refuse to splash cash on the highly priced Q10, with the solid BlackBerry typing experience.

Though official price of the Q5 yet, but if BlackBerry manage to price the Q5 low enough it would make it a seriously attractive proposition with its decent power , HD display and supersonic internet browser. We’re just going to have to wait and see.

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