The Birth of Nokia Lumia 520 and 720

29 May

Nokia MWC 2013 - 8 - Lumia 520 720 china mobile (1)

Finally, after much of  the screaming , hard and  tensed pushing  in the Nokia labor room,  mother Nokia Lumia gave birth to Nokia Lumia 520 and 720. Though the doctors failed to tell whether it was a male and female, well guess that’s left for us to find out….lol. And their arrival just expanded the Nokia Lumia family further. Let’s first start with the first born Nokia Lumia 520 though i’m sure 720 will object to that and claim to be the first born.



Nokia Lumia 520 posing in different styles, got some class. The Nokia Lumia 520 is the baby of Nokia’s Lumia family, replacing the Lumia 510, i’m  sure Lumia 510 will be plotting it’s down fall…lol.


One of the thumbs up of the Nokia Lumia 520 is the design. That’s a hallmark of Nokia’s Windows Phones: the appearance is interesting to look at, nice to hold and isn’t afraid to use any kind of  colour. Hence it Lumia 520 was born yellow and we have to say it’s a refreshing change from the sea of black, white or silver phones you find elsewhere, which is really becoming tiring .

Naturally the Lumia 520 isn’t that sophisticated in design as the other models higher up the range. No beautiful or spectacular edge design, but even at this budget end of the Lumia line, it looks nice to hold and of good build quality.


The soft curves of the back of the handset means it snuggles down securely into your hand. It measures 119.9 x 64 x 9.9mm and weighs 124g. Although not the slimmest phone around, there’s something cute about its dinky dimensions .

Hardware and Display

It comes with a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, clocked at 1GHz, along with 512MB of RAM powering it. It isn’t the most powerful Windows Phone 8 device out there, but affordable and fits into a reasonable budget, it performs well enough. The Lumia 520 impresses with 8GB, as well as the option to expand by microSD, with cards up to 64GB supported. This is in addition to the 7GB of cloud storage you get from SkyDrive.


To bring the price down or rather make affordable, however, is on the cameras. There’s no front-facing camera for starters, meaning that you won’t be making video calls to friends and family. On the rear, there’s no LED flash either.


The 4-inch touchscreen on the Nokia Lumia 520 is so sensitive that you can even use it when wearing gloves or with your fingernails. So typing, chatting and surfing are easier and more convenient than ever.


At this size, there isn’t a lot of space to be productive on the display. I’m sure, you can get to work with Office integration, but the keyboard is a little small and the display doesn’t give you that much space to play. But when it comes to media, the experience of the 520 isn’t far removed from other WP8 handsets in the Lumia range, which is a really positive point.


Well, the battery life seems to be kind of fair enough. According to Nokia talk time on 2G is 14.8 h , Talk time (3G): 9.6 h, Standby time (3G): 360 h and Music playback time: 61 h.

Costs around N29, 000 in Nigeria and can be gotten in any Nokia shop or authorized dealer nationwide, Jumia, Konga and slot






The second born, expect to have a law suit filed on who was the given birth to first…lol.


The Lumia 720 features a polycarbonate unibody design, just like the Lumia 920 – only this time it’s slimmer, lighter and much better to hold. The 4.3-inch display has a much slimmer bezel as well as width, making it one of the slimmest Lumia’s at just 9 mm and super light at 128 g.

The button placementis just like the other Lumias, we have the volume rocker, power/sleep and the camera shutter all lined up along on one side. The button size is kind of regular size and it’s easy to figure out which one is which by just a simple touch. There’s a microUSB port at the bottom, microSD card slot on the side followed by the microSIM slot and headphone jack on the top. Around the back, is a 6.7MP camera sensor with Carl Zeiss optics and an LED flash. The speaker grille is at the bottom.


Hardware and Display

Nokia doesn’t fumble when it comes to the display. The Lumia 720 features a fairly dense 4.3-inch IPS display with a 480 x 800 pixel resolution. The ClearBlack technology certainly helps when it comes to viewing the screen under direct sunlight. The IPS panel produces bright and vivid colours with very good viewing angles.

The Lumia 720 runs the Windows Phone 8 OS and is powered by a 1GHz dual-core Snapdragon chipset from Qualcomm.  The RAM configuration also remains the same, which is 512MB. The reduction in RAM is not much of a problem for the OS functioning, but it is a problem when it comes to the adding and using apps. Most of the good games for Windows Phone 8 require 1GB of RAM, so you’re straight away limited, which is a shame since there are just a handful of good games to begin with. well, all popular apps make do just fine with 512MB of RAM and work well.


The Lumia 720 media is a well-equipped media device. Thanks to Dolby’s Headphone Sound Enhancement technology. There are equalizer presets in the main settings menu and you can also toggle the Dolby enhancement mode and Audio leveling. The video player is capable of reading a few DivX and XviD coded files as well as MP4 – even those in full HD.  Surprisingly enough the FM radio is missing, so you’ll have to suffice with third party apps for online services, if you are going to have to make use of a radio. The primary camera is a 6.7MP  with wide-angle lens and Carl Zeiss optics. Other features remain pretty much standard, such as scene modes, manual and auto white balance options, ISO settings and Nokia’s array of lenses – Cinemagraph, Panorama, Smart Shoot and Bing Vision.



The battery life is very good as compared to other Windows Phone 8 or even Android smartphones of similar shape and size.Talk time (2G): 23.4 h, Talk time (3G): 13.4 h, Standby time (3G): 520 h, Music playback time: 79 h, Wireless charging: Yes, with accessory cover.

Costs around N49, 000 and above in Nigeria and can be gotten in any Nokia shop or authorized dealer nationwide, Jumia, Konga and slot.

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