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14 Jun



The arrival of  Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One shows the continual rivalry still existing between the two, a battle to claim “I’m the supreme one, so surrender and bow before me” which i must say hasn’t quite worked for any of them. Though I must say it took sony a while before unveiling the console which i found annoying and made me get more anxious which i didn’t find funny.

Today it’s all about PS4 vs Xbox One review we will look at the price, specs, controllers, features and games. Finally we have  got the full details about the the two rivalry consoles, which is kind of fierce though.

PS4 vs Xbox One: Specs

The two consoles are similar in terms of their  hardware specifications, especially when it comes to the CPU and GPU which we’re going to take a look at.


Processor and graphics

AMD is the chip maker of choice for the PS4 and Xbox One. Each uses a SoC (System on a chip) which combines the CPU and GPU. The processor is an x86 64-bit chip with 8 ‘Jaguar’ cores and an estimated clock speed of 1.6GHz. 

On the surface, it looks as if the PS4 and Xbox One have the same AMD Radeon GPU. However, the PS4’s is more powerful with 1152 cores compared to the Xbox One’s 768 – 50 percent more, according to Anandtech.

Whether you are going  to be able to spot  the difference when the console is hooked up to your TV in your lounge is another question, but on paper and ongoing E3 2013 conference the PS4 is the more impressive.

RAM and storage

Both systems have 8GB of RAM inside but Sony wins marginally in this area using faster GDDR5 memory compared to GDDR3 offered by the Xbox One. Luckily for the Xbox One, it has 32MB of eSRAM embedded memory expected to be used by developers as a cache.

Microsoft says the combination of the CPU, GPU and eSRAM is like ‘having a supercomputer in your living room’.

It’s a tie when it comes to storage because both have a 500GB hard drive. The amount available to the user will be less because some of the space will be used for the system software.

Optical drive

It’s another tie when it comes to the optical drive since both Xbox One and PS4 have a Blu-ray/DVD drive as standard. Which was expected of the two rivalry console, no difference was expected.


Things are once again pretty similar when it comes to connectivity with the PS4 and Xbox One offering Wi-Fi, Ethernet, optical out and USB 3.0. If it bothers you, the PS4 has Bluetooth 2.1 which the Xbox One does not.

As you would expect there is HDMI on each console and they both support 4K output, but the Xbox One also has an HDMI in port for throughput. PS4 takes on another Victory in terms of connectivity.



PS4 Vs Xbox One: Controllers


 Ps4 Controller

The Xbox controller remains largely the same as previous generations annoyingly big. It has a number of changes but they are subtle such as the redesigned D-pad and thumb stick. The main new feature is the new Impulse Triggers for better feedback.

The PS4 DualShock 4 controller is quite different to the PS3’s. It has a trackpad in the middle, which gives you that kind of  mouse movement and integrated ‘Move’ motion control. The Controller is quite slim and longer making room for those with huge hands.

Xbox One controller 1-580-90

Xbox One Controller

PS4 Vs Xbox One: Price

As usual, the  price always remains an important area and Microsoft and Sony  announced different prices for their rival consoles. Well not surprising after learning from the out sales of PS3 Sony decided to be cautious about the sales of PS4 and so the Price of PS4 in the US is $399 while that of  Xbox One is $499, a hundred dollar difference while in the UK the PS4 is the cheaper at £349 and the Xbox One costs £80 more at £429

It’s worth pointing out that the Xbox One price includes the new Kinect sensor which is something really exciting about the Xbox one .

PS4 Vs Xbox One: Features

The consoles have lots of features to offer; they are more all-round entertainment devices now than just devices for playing games. We’re going to stick to pointing out two of the key differences about which you need to know.

‘Always online’ has been a major subject around the PS4 and Xbox One leading up to the launches and it’s the Xbox One that requires an internet connection for you to be able to play – although it needs only to validate every 24 hours which isn’t half as bad as requiring a constant connection, well for those who don’t have internet access, Microsoft suggested that they either got the Xbox 360 and if they’re have the Xbox 360 they should just stick to it.

A second issue is being able to use second hand (pre-owned) games. Again the PS4 is the console with no restriction. However, it’s a different story for Microsoft’s console. Xbox One users can lend games to friends who they have had on their Xbox Live list for at least 30 days but you can only lend them once. Microsoft got a lot of issues really.

PS4 Vs Xbox One: Games

Now here are some of the games expected to available for Ps4 and Xbox one. Will be creating a kind of list of the games.

PS4                                                                                         Both                                                                   Xbox One

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn                         Battlefield 4                                                             Halo

Blacklight: Retribution                                          Call of Duty: Ghosts                                                      Below

Deep Down                                                            Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag                             Crimson Dragon

Daylight                                                                               The Division                                                        Dead Rising 3

Gran Turismo                                                                       FIFA 14                                                             Killer Instinct

Infamous: Second Son                                           Metal Gear Solid V                                                 Quantum Break

The Order: 1866                                                      Need for Speed: Rivals                                         Ryse: Son of Rome

Watch Dogs

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt



Looking at it both mircosoft and Sony have made a all round entertainment gaming console. But still I beat my chest to say that Sony PS4 has the upper hand this time around though Xbox still kind of retain it’s high graphics quality.


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