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PS4 vs Xbox One



The arrival of  Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One shows the continual rivalry still existing between the two, a battle to claim “I’m the supreme one, so surrender and bow before me” which i must say hasn’t quite worked for any of them. Though I must say it took sony a while before unveiling the console which i found annoying and made me get more anxious which i didn’t find funny.

Today it’s all about PS4 vs Xbox One review we will look at the price, specs, controllers, features and games. Finally we have  got the full details about the the two rivalry consoles, which is kind of fierce though.

PS4 vs Xbox One: Specs

The two consoles are similar in terms of their  hardware specifications, especially when it comes to the CPU and GPU which we’re going to take a look at.


Processor and graphics

AMD is the chip maker of choice for the PS4 and Xbox One. Each uses a SoC (System on a chip) which combines the CPU and GPU. The processor is an x86 64-bit chip with 8 ‘Jaguar’ cores and an estimated clock speed of 1.6GHz. 

On the surface, it looks as if the PS4 and Xbox One have the same AMD Radeon GPU. However, the PS4’s is more powerful with 1152 cores compared to the Xbox One’s 768 – 50 percent more, according to Anandtech.

Whether you are going  to be able to spot  the difference when the console is hooked up to your TV in your lounge is another question, but on paper and ongoing E3 2013 conference the PS4 is the more impressive.

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The End of 3D TV?

I’m a big fan of  the 3D TV, a brilliant innovation i must say and when watching the 3D TV with your 3D glasses it’s like it brings everything you’re seeing to life which is so breathtaking. Recently I and my Friend and his chic went window shopping at a mall and got to have an experince of the  84 inches LG 3D TV and i must say the experience was awesome, there was a time my friend’s chic had to like lean back a like while watching the 3D TV because it was like everything shown was too real, had to laugh at her that moment.


N0w there’s a gradual fading away of  the 3D TV as other great TV innovations are beginning to flood into the market.  Now the emphasis has shifted to high-resolution 4K displays, OLED, image quality, and “smart” functionality. In fact, Sony, Samsung, LG, Toshiba, and Panasonic have now decided to focus on actually improving their television technology. After three years of pushing and peddling 3D TVs that are virtually devoid of any actual technological innovation, this is rather refreshing.



3D TV has always come across as a fad fabricated by TV makers and movie makers to sell more TVs and Blu-ray discs. With box office takings and DVD sales flagging, and LCD HDTVs losing it hold in the market, TV makers and movie makers (understandably) decided that something had to change. And 3D was the perfect answer: It’s incredibly low-tech, but also a very strong difference. It took almost no effort on behalf of TV makers and production companies to make the jump to 3D, and yet consumers were forced to buy expensive, brand new TVs to enjoy the new content — or, if you couldn’t afford a 3D TV, you finally had a reason to go to the cinema which now run must of it’s movies on 3D.

With Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and LG all trying to ditch 3D for the new Hot TV innovations, i t would seem that the 3D fad is finally over. This isn’t to say that 3D TV won’t continue to rise and fall  for a little longer  – but it’s certainly lost its place as the the next big thing. following the footsteps of it’s predecessor, HDTV,  who took the world by storm, 3D simply failed to gain that much attention. It will now be replaced by 4K, 8K, OLED, and other technologies that actually push the envelope of content creation and consumption.
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The Avengers of Android Smartphones


                                                                         THE  AVENGERS OF THE ANDROID SMARTPHONE

Now this no movie so don’t expect any soundtrack or explosive scene entry…lool! Just trying to make my title look all action. Anyway for those who might not understand, I’m going to be listing the current super powers of  the android smartphone, the top class. So watch out………. The Android smartphone industry is showing no signs of slowing down but instead are moving at a very fast pace causing a great concern for other smartphone manufacturers. Everyone has their own opinions, especially when it comes to use of  Android smartphones: manufacturers that use the platform offer smartphones with seemingly infinite screen sizes and other innovative factors. Still, there are a few phones that remain super noteworthy, and three of them are brand new devices. Here are our Avengers of  Android smartphones on the market right now and are in no particular order, but with taking various sizes, prices and unique features into account.

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TV Evolution


  Looking back to the days when we have to use our hands to adjust antenna before we get a clear T.V station or when we have to stand up every time to change stations and also when we plan our time so not to miss our favorite programs on T.V. Fortunately, several improvement has taken place and saved us from these mess.

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21 Tips for your new ipad



Welcome back to another working week, hope you all had a splendid weekend? And I’m sure some of you can’t wait for the Easter break to be here? Well, over time I’ve noticed most people don’t really know how to make good use of the functions on their ipads especially the JJCs if you know what I mean? Only thing they know is that they got an ipad. But anyway I just decided that today I’m going to give some tips on handling your ipad, whether it’s an old one or a new one.

NOTE:Please always endeavor to read the manual of any electronic gadget you get. It’s very important we do, it goes to say a lot that we might not know even though sometimes we pretend to know. Even I use to be guilty of such…but now a changed man…LOL!
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Acer Hits the Nigerian Market with Three of its newest products

I ain’t no big fan of Acer products but decided to let you guys know about their three newest products that they have decided to flood into the Nigerian market. Sounds to me like they looking for some desperate cash to make from us. Though they claim it is as a means to strengthen relationship with her channel partners in Nigeria with a view to increase her market share in the country’s growing IT market. STORY! Anyway Mr Amin Mortazavi, Acer Vice President, Middle East and Africa had this to say
“ Nigeria’s IT market is growing at a significant pace and empowering our channel partners in the country and facilitating their growth is instrumental for Acer’s continued success. Acer commits to a significant increase in the level of support we provide to our partners to facilitate a dynamic business model that encourages them to be pro-active. Working together, we can capture an even more significant share of this growing, hugely exciting, IT market”
Well Acer introduced three of newest products into the Nigerian market. Two of the new products are tablets: Iconia W 700P and Iconia W510P, and the last is an Ultrabook, the Aspire S7 series. Be prepared to part away with a huge chunk of your money ….hehehe

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The Expected Apple iWatch


The swift revolution taking place in the world technology is totally becoming something words can’t describe. A massive change, I must say with great innovations and expectations in the world of technology. Now, rumors are every where about the coming of the Apple iwatch. WOW!
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