Beware of The Android Monsters

Got scratching my head about what title i should give this particular post, well after watching the “man with the Iron fist” movie let’s just say i settled with a kind of action movie title…lool!

Now I’m sure most of you will be like what android monsters should we beware of ? whose the monster and where is it?  The monsters are some of the applications you download on your android phones which damages it or expose some vital information about the user. For every second that passes by there is someone, somewhere in the world downloading an application on his or her android phone. Most of us don’t  research on an application before downloading it, all we do  just look at the name, what it does and start downloading without looking for peoples reviews on it. Which is bad.


Security companies regularly warn about the perils of malicious mobile apps roaming around in app stores pretending to be legitimate apps. SecurityWatch is partnering with a handful of security companies who monitor apps on Google Play and third-party marketplaces to identify malicious apps you should not have on your Android device.

While most of them aren’t as dangerous as their malicious counterparts in the PC or Mac world, many of these apps can trick users into sending SMS messages to premium numbers or receiving content from services that charge exorbitant rates. They can also be a little aggressive about the kind of personal data harvested from the device.

If you’ve downloaded these apps recently, check out what they are capable of and considering removing them from your device altogether.
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The Rise of Mars Colonists

Welcome to another wonderful working week. Hope you all rested during the weekend? Not sure everyone did but i’m sure everyone is doing all fine?

This morning on getting to my place of work, I decided to check up online some news, see what’s happening around the world and probably outside the world, and “Kaboom” I stumbled on suddenly on article about the “Mars One”  a not-for-profit organization whose goal is to establish a human settlement on Mars through the integration of existing, readily available technologies from industry leaders world-wide. Mars One intends to fund this decade-long endeavor by involving the whole world as the audience of an interactive, televised broadcast of every aspect of this mission, from the astronaut selections and their preparations to the arrival on Mars and their lives on the Red Planet….Now that’s just a little about Mars One.


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May 6, 2013 – Ajoyo

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Steve Case on Risk-Taking, or Lack Thereof, in Business –

Olabode James

When Attackers Become Defenders, Innovation is Lost

Steve Case interviewed by Adam Bryant, author of “The Corner Office”.
Steve Case, the C.E.O. of Revolution, a firm involved in venture capital and other investing, was a co-founder of America Online.
Corner Office

Twice a week, Adam Bryant talks with top executives about the challenges of leading and managing. In his book, “The Corner Office” (Times Books), he analyzes the broader lessons that emerge from his interviews with more than 70 leaders.


Q. What were some early leadership lessons for you?

A. The earliest ones probably related to just understanding that everybody is wired a little bit differently. Just because you think a certain way or are inclined to react a certain way doesn’t mean everybody thinks and reacts the same way. I think people just naturally presume that they look at a problem in a certain way and frame the…

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The Q10


Sorry for the short break, tied up by work had too much on my table and still have much work on my table to do. But decided to steal an hour from my working hours just to blog for you guys. Well! today i decided to write about the the recently launched Blackberry Q10. The name “Q10” makes it sound like one kind of special agent smartphone more like it was assigned for only 007 s….lol! But anyway the BlackBerry Q10, which offers a larger and more spacious QWERTY keyboard and a fresh infusion of the the BlackBerry Q10, which offers a larger and more spacious QWERTY keyboard and a fresh infusion of the BlackBerry 10.1 operating system. It builds on the greatness of past BlackBerry messaging machines, yet blends this with modern smartphone software powerful enough to run multiple apps at once without hanging as usual, which i must say is a great improvement.Jeez if there’s any smartphone topping the ranks of hanging you all know who it is. It also surfs Web sites like a champ and has a battery that goes the distance..

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TV Evolution


  Looking back to the days when we have to use our hands to adjust antenna before we get a clear T.V station or when we have to stand up every time to change stations and also when we plan our time so not to miss our favorite programs on T.V. Fortunately, several improvement has taken place and saved us from these mess.

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21 Tips for your new ipad



Welcome back to another working week, hope you all had a splendid weekend? And I’m sure some of you can’t wait for the Easter break to be here? Well, over time I’ve noticed most people don’t really know how to make good use of the functions on their ipads especially the JJCs if you know what I mean? Only thing they know is that they got an ipad. But anyway I just decided that today I’m going to give some tips on handling your ipad, whether it’s an old one or a new one.

NOTE:Please always endeavor to read the manual of any electronic gadget you get. It’s very important we do, it goes to say a lot that we might not know even though sometimes we pretend to know. Even I use to be guilty of such…but now a changed man…LOL!
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